Are you moving soon?

Moving is a big deal. It’s stressful, it’s expensive, and it takes up your time, however we are one of the top Dayton packing companies and are here to help. We can help make the process easier for you by providing packing services at Lewis & Michael Inc. We offer quality moving services in Dayton Ohio that will save you time and money while ensuring your belongings are packed safely and securely so they arrive at their destination without damage or loss.

You don’t have to worry about finding the right supplies or hiring movers because we do all of that for you! Our team of professional packers will come out to your home, pack everything carefully into boxes and load them onto our trucks before transporting them to your new home where they will be unloaded again with care by another team of professionals who know how important these items are to you! And if anything does happen during transit, we promise to take full responsibility for any damages incurred as well as reimburse any costs associated with repairs or replacement items. That way there won’t be any surprises when the bill comes due after move-in day has passed! We pride ourselves on being one of the premier packing companies in Dayton OH and want you to experience our quality services.

Our services even include extra padding and protection, unlike other packing companies in Dayton OH. We understand how important your belongings are to you and we will do whatever we can to prevent damage to them.

As a family owned and operated business for more than 70 years, we genuinely care about our clients. Compared to other Dayton packing companies, we will make sure we do everything we can to efficiently and safely pack your belongings. Our experts even provide furniture disassembly and assembly.

We offer free estimates to our clients and you will be able to compare our rates to other Dayton packing companies. Contact us today for a free estimate at (800) 543-3524 so we can provide quality packing services in Dayton OH – Lewis & Michael Inc..