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Library Movers

As leaders in the library moving service, Lewis & Michael Moving & Storage are movers with specialty services dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We have been performing library moves for over two decades, and our tried-and-true approach has delivered amazing results to our customers. In addition to moving books and other volumes in a safe and organized manner, we will also move any accompanying shelving units, computers, filing systems and equipment.

As commercial movers in business since 1950, Lewis & Michael has adapted to changes in moving libraries.  As the actual library-sciences industry has evolved, we have evolved, too.

Today, our library-relocation services are a science of their own, having been tempered and developed over the years to keep pace with changing needs and industry standards across Ohio and the U.S. In fact, our approach to specialized-moving services has been perfected to the point that we have not received a single claim for more than seven million volumes moved.


Ohio Library Moving Services

At Lewis & Michael, our library moving process will be simple and easy for you. Let our experienced staff handle the minutiae of the process, while you focus on the next step.

Don’t worry about searching for library shelving moving equipment or devising the best way to move thousands of library books. At Lewis & Michael, we:

  • Carefully map each detail of the move.
  • Provide you with a timetable so you can plan your schedule accordingly.
  • Are willing to work evenings and/or weekends to allow your patrons continued access to your current facilities. Our prompt crews are courteous and accommodating, even with last-minute changes.
  • Coordinate our specialized-moving services with your other contractors to keep your move progressing smoothly and efficiently.
  • Are trained in specialized-moving services, from the most cumbersome volumes to the most fragile, rare documents. To ease your mind about potential liability, library-relocation specialists at our Ohio branches are covered under our own workers’ compensation plan.
  • Focus on customer service. From the first phone call to the last volume in place, our friendly and professional staff will be with you every step of the way.

For a stress-free and easy moving experience, contact Lewis & Michael. When you’re moving something as delicate as a library, you want movers you can trust.

Whether it’s just down the road or long distance, Lewis & Michael Moving & Storage is the leader in specialized library moving services. To get started, give us a call or fill out our contact form.