Specialized-Moving Services

Library Relocation in Ohio and Beyond

A specialist in library moves for more than 20 years and one of a few commercial-moving companies nationwide to offer library relocation, Ohio’s Lewis & Michael wrote the book on specialized-moving services. Whether you require library relocation in Ohio or beyond, our professional movers are trained and certified to handle entire collections of books, along with any accompanying shelving units, computers, filing systems and equipment.

As the library-sciences industry has changed over the years, so, too, has our approach to specialized moving. Today, our library-relocation services are a science of their own, having been tempered and developed over the years to keep pace with changing needs and industry standards across Ohio and the U.S. In fact, our approach to specialized-moving services has been perfected to the point that we have not received a claim for more than seven million volumes moved.

At Lewis & Michael, we invite you to take advantage of an exclusive experience in library relocation within Ohio or wherever you’re moving, thanks to our specialized-moving process that ensures an effortless move on your part:

  • Our library-relocation experts will sit down with you to carefully map each detail of the move.
  • We will provide you with a timetable so you can plan your schedule accordingly.
  • If necessary, we will work evenings and/or weekends to allow your patrons continued access to your current facilities. Our prompt crews are courteous and accommodating, even when presented with last-minute changes.
  • We will coordinate our specialized-moving services with your other contractors to keep your move progressing smoothly and efficiently.
  • Our uniformed staff has been trained in specialized-moving services, from the most cumbersome volumes to the most fragile, rare documents. To ease your mind about potential liability, library-relocation specialists at our Ohio branches are covered under our own workers' compensation plan.
  • As always, complete customer satisfaction is our team's top priority, from the first book to the last digital file moved.

Specialized Equipment, Secure Moving Services

At Lewis & Michael in Ohio, we understand that specialized moving for a library is unlike relocation for a household or business. From wide-open spaces to narrow aisles, a library is unique in design. Couple that with the fact that a library is systematically organized, which means that items must retain their original order. Thankfully, our Ohio professionals utilize specialized-moving equipment to handle library relocation with the special care that you expect and deserve:

  • In an effort to reduce your move time and expenses, we use hydraulic-powered equipment to transfer shelving units, while keeping book volumes intact and in order.
  • For optimum maneuverability, our Ohio locations feature single- and double-sided gondolas, which are designed for specialized moving in tight aisles.
  • Our crates have finished bottoms for extra protection, and they nest on top of each other to prevent pressure from affecting the materials inside.
  • Specialized coding keeps books and materials in their original order for an organized approach to moving services.
  • Electronic equipment is stretch wrapped to ensure safe transport.
  • We relocate items in the appropriate order on their new shelves.

  • >>For your library-relocation needs, contact the specialized-moving experts at Lewis & Michael for service in Ohio and beyond. Request a free moving estimate today.

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